Kings Soapworks FAQ's | Answers for Handmade soaps for sensitive epidermis

Kings Soapworks receives a lot of questions regarding our products.  So we have put together, (and will continue to do so), a list of questions and answers to help the everyday consumer become more knowledgeable about beauty products made for your skin


What do Bath Bombs Do?

Bath bombs are a combination of essential oils, fragrances, and fizzing agents that create an invigorating and relaxing spa experience. When added to warm bath water, bath bombs dissolve and release natural oils, moisturizers, and fragrances into the air and onto your skin. These ingredients can help to soothe and soften skin, reduce stress, and provide therapeutic relief for aching muscles and joints. Additionally, the fizzy release of carbon dioxide helps to open pores, wash away impurities, and improve circulation. With their unique and powerful combination of beneficial ingredients, bath bombs can be enjoyed as a luxurious and therapeutic experience.